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Michelle Marsh

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When Diane Rose set out on her own after heading the South Bay's Mio
Vicino restaurants, the chef deliberately kept the name of her new
venture ambiguous. Crimson, now in its fourth year, would not be
locked into a single cuisine.

Instead, the menu at the very personal little restaurant in a
distinctly un-hip Los Gatos shopping center would reflect what Rose
likes to eat, whether that means short ribs slow-cooked in a soy sauce
and ginger marinade or pasta with smoked chicken, caramelized onions
and radicchio.

Crimson's menu dips into the South Bay's culinary melting pot for
whatever combinations appeal to Rose's wide-ranging imagination. The
food may be quirky at times but the chef's California Culinary Academy
training shows. She works with top quality ingredients and focuses on
taste and texture. The flavors are complementary and the combinations
feel natural -- even when mashed potatoes are paired with chicken in a
rich mole sauce.

The surprise is part of the charm when everything tastes this good.

The restaurant is not easy to find, tucked in a corner behind a tower
near the Trader Joe's on Los Gatos Boulevard. The greeting is warm and
friendly, though, when you walk through the door, directly into the
offbeat dining room with its black ceiling and swathes of gauzy red
drapery. Each table is dressed in thick white linens and a single red
rose. Servers are enthusiastic and cheerful.

It's comfortable but not so casual that foie gras feels out of place
on the menu. You can share a few small plates with friends or
celebrate one of life's milestones with a four course feast.

Little touches assure you that the dinner ahead will be memorable.
Crisp-crusted ciabatta from Dolce Firenze in Seaside arrived at our
table on a recent weeknight with soft butter seasoned with garlic and
just a touch of red pepper. Glasses of ice water were garnished with
lemon and mint. The amuse bouche, a gift from the chef, was a shot
glass of herby green gazpacho.

Dishes change with the seasons to take advantage of what's best in the
market. My companions and I were wild about the warmed, perfectly ripe
black Mission figs stuffed with blue cheese and lightly candied
walnuts ($10). They were sweet and salty, crunchy and smooth, brought
together with a haunting dressing of balsamic syrup and white truffle
oil. And they're only available for the few weeks in late summer when
figs are at their best.

The caprese salad ($13) -- composed of sweet red and yellow Brandywine
tomatoes from Happy Boy Farms, tender little balls of fresh
mozzarella, and baby greens -- was perfumed with basil and lightly
dressed. This night there were capers, which added a pleasant salty

But Rose was off, and you won't get capers when she's in the kitchen.
Her assistant is the one who likes them.

Small differences in taste aside, it's good to know that the food
doesn't really suffer when the chef/owner takes the night off. Our
only real complaint was that the grilled chicken was too dry beneath
its blanket of subtly spicy mole and handful of roasted pumpkin seeds
($18). The mashed potatoes, however, were thick and nicely seasoned,
the large chunks of carrots and chayote squash cooked just until

The star of the evening was the short ribs ($33), which have become
Crimson's signature. They're so popular, they're on the menu most
evenings, perhaps paired with a different rice and vegetable. A trio
of fat ribs, infused with the deep flavors of sesame, soy, orange
juice and maple syrup, had been roasted for 15 hours. The meat was
falling off the bone, ready to melt in your mouth. Matched with green
beans, crispy onions, and black rice, which soaked up the sauce, it
was unforgettable.

Times were hard when Rose opened the restaurant in December 2001:
Silicon Valley's economy was bottoming out and the world was still
reeling from the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center. The chef
and her husband Eric Tosh, executive chef of Eulipia in San Jose and
Valeriano's in Los Gatos, were on their own with no deep-pockets

She began offering daily specials -- $25 prix fixe dinners on
Tuesdays, half-price wine on Wednesdays, two-for-one short ribs on
Thursdays, and more. The incentives persist even as the economy has
picked up.

The wine special really makes a difference. We enjoyed a tart, citrusy
Bernardus sauvignon blanc with our meal for just $18, fairly close to
retail. The one-page list specializes in regional and Northern
California wines from small vintners at moderate prices. There are,
however, a small number of rare and high-priced wines, which Rose
calls ``The Stash,'' which are not included in the half-price deal.

Dessert is not an afterthought. Choices range from the expected creme
brulee ($8) and molten chocolate lava cake ($8) to chocolate port
fondue for two ($15). We were captivated by the exceptional house-made
sorbets ($8), not too sweet and bursting with fruit. Charantais melon
was our favorite with its intense flavor and tart edge.

Flavor is what Crimson is all about.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

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    The Hitcher
    Opens: 1/19/07
    Soon after young couple Grace Andrews (Sophia Bush) and Jim Halsey (Zachary Knighton) hit the road for spring break, their pleasure turns into a nightmare. A hitchhiker named John Ryder (Sean Bean), a.k.a. The Hitcher, makes their trip a living hell when he torments them—on the open road!

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    Epic Movie
    Smokin' Aces
    Catch and Release
    Seraphim Falls
    Blood and Chocolate
    The Host

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    The 64th Annual Golden Globe Awards
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    Q&A: Tony Shalhoub
    He's not ready to wash his hands of "Monk" just yet...
    New Photo Gallery: BAFTA/L.A. Tea Party
    Before Globes mania, the British Academy served up their nominations, and we were on the scene!
    Role Call: Weekly Casting News
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    3   The Pursuit of Happyness ... $8.9 M $136.3 M
    4   Dreamgirls ( PG-13 ) $8.4 M $65.2 M
    5   Freedom Writers ( PG-13 ) $7.3 M $18.6 M
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    Wednesday, January 17, 2007


    I have to think hard how to rate this restaurant. Don't get me wrong,
    Roadhouse serves good food with very reasonable prices. From
    appetizers to desserts. From their soup to the steak. However, when it
    comes to hygiene, Roadhouse deserves a minus star! I found a slice of
    cooked onion on my fork (which was nicely wrapped in a white cloth
    napkin). And, they serve a champagne glass with lipstick stains all
    over it!! Can someone call a Sanitation 911, please...

    Tuesday, January 16, 2007

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    Michelle Marsh

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    kate moss

    In 2006, "Sphinx", a sculpture of Kate Moss in a complicated yoga
    position was unveiled by controversial British sculptor Marc Quinn.
    The pose itself was modelled by a more experienced woman, though the
    body, hands, and feet are cast in Moss' exact measurements. Quinn's
    representation of Moss is meant to show "a mirror of ourselves, a
    knotted Venus of our age."

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    Carmella Decesare

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    2. DeCesare

    Jennifer Walcott

    1. Jennifer Walcott


    1. The Official Jordan Capri Site! Lightspeed presents 100% original ...
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    4. Jordan Capri

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    aria giovanni

    See more Aria Giovanni Real. Sexy!

    Michelle Marsh

    92. Michelle Marsh - Celebri-Net
    93. iTunes Store - Michelle Marsh - I Don't Do - EP - I Don't Do - EP

    Sunday, December 31, 2006

    from latest

    The Moscow mystery of 2008: Will Putin stay on?
    Paparazzi Shoots
    Times Online, UK - 7 hours agoWhen choosing a holiday destination, I
    listen to friends, examine data from the Met Office and think hard
    about where the nearest paparazzi photographer might … Source: ...

    Jennifer Walcott
    Paparazzi Shoots
    Jennifer Walcott - Paparazzi Photoshoot & Celebs HQ - by Paparazzi 35.
    SuperiorPics Celebrity Forums: Jennifer Walcott MEGA Thread 36. The
    Howard Stern Show: Hi-Lo Game With Jennifer Walcott and E ... ...

    Paparazzi Shoots
    Paparazzi Filth Exposed :: Britney Spears s*x Tape 44. HEMiDEMi -
    ????- Keeley Hazell 2006 Topless ... 45. HEMiDEMi -
    ????- Nine Sexy Galleries, Served Daily 46. Foros de
    Discusi?n > Las Divas De ...

    Not taken roles
    Gossip Scoop
    Chicago Sun-Times - As you can image, this type of trivia is prone to
    rumor and gossip. We try hard to corroborate entries, but we do not
    guarantee the accuracy of any content." None of it? That seems an
    awfully broad disavowal. is best when it sticks to ...

    The year on thin ice
    Gossip Scoop
    Chicago Sun-Times - The infant immediately drives gossip editors crazy
    by not appearing in public for months. Some ask: Does Suri even exist?
    Finally she bursts forth on the cover of Sember's ''Vanity Fair.'' But
    move over, Suri -- anticipation is greater for what some ...

    Official: Saddam to be executed tonight
    Gossip Blog
    Official: Saddam to be executed tonight BAGHDAD, Iraq - The official
    witnesses to Saddam Hussein's impending execution gathered Friday in
    Baghdad's fortified Green Zone in final preparation for his hanging,
    as state television broadcast ...

    Gossip Blog
    LOHAN CLEANING UP HER ACT December 30, 2006 -- SOBER starlet Lindsay
    Lohan is taking her AA meetings seriously and wants no part of
    anyone's wild ways. According to witnesses at Miami club Mokai, Lohan
    - who spies say was "walking ...

    Britney Spears & Matt Leinart dirty, dancefloor groping
    Gossip Blog
    Britney Spears & Matt Leinart dirty, dancefloor groping Britney Spears
    & Matt Leinart dirty, dancefloor groping According to gossip queen,
    Perez Hilton, Britney Spears is dating footballer Matt Leinart. ...

    Nicole's Family Outing
    Gossip Blog
    Nicole's Family Outing Nicole was spotted with her half sister and
    brother Sofia and Myles going to check out Charlotte's Web. We like
    seeing Nicole on wholesome family outings. Nicole's new man Joel
    Madden will be playing deejay in ...

    Charlie's Best of 2006
    Gossip Blog
    Charlie's Best of 2006 Albums 15. Camera Obscura - Let's Get Out of
    This Country 14. Band of Horses - Everything All the Time 13. The
    Pipettes - We Are the Pipettes 12. Grizzly Bear - Yellow House 11. The
    Knife - Silent Shout 10. ...

    We Got Our Kicks In 2006
    Gossip Blog
    We Got Our Kicks In 2006 There was a lot of really great, fun,
    scandalous, insane, etc. stuff that happened this year ... I had a
    very difficult time going thru all the archives and selecting which
    things to talk about that represented ...

    Star Weight-Loss Secrets of 2006
    Gossip Blog
    A-list stars reveal their secrets to getting and staying slim this
    year! JANET JACKSON floored everyone with her noticeable weight gain
    earlier in the year, but she revealed to ET how she lost the weight --
    and why she gained it in the ...

    New Year's Weekend Resolutions
    Gossip Blog
    The NYT's David Carr—who we suspect of being slightly ashamed of his
    Oscar-blogging alter ego, The Bagger—is manfully refraining from doing
    obsessively bloggy things this holiday weekend. We hope his resolve
    holds up better than ours: 1 ...

    Tongues for the Memories
    Paparazzi Shoots
    A kiss is just a kiss, until it's caught by the paparazzi and brought
    to you in all its lip-smackin' glory here on TMZ.Here's a lingering
    look at some of the loving liplocks of 2006.... Read more.

    Bollywood News - Old recipe brews new success for India's Bollywood
    Paparazzi Shoots
    Financial Express - And that was followed by the paparazzi lying in
    wait for news on the Aishwarya Rai-Abhishekh Bachchan romance. Ah
    well! Arts = Entertainment = Bollywood said Mr. Johar, and that sure
    is a guarantee! ...

    China's Crackdown on Corruption Still Largely Secret
    Gossip Scoop
    Washington Post - Gossip buzzed about the deal in private, but nobody
    dared suggest in public that it had the appearance of impropriety
    because of Nuctech's connections. By the end of the month, however,
    unofficial corruption monitors were saying somebody high in ...

    Vinnie - A Year in Review
    Paparazzi Shoots
    Audition for HSBC/Paparazzi window gig. December:. Book window gig.
    Knee deep in all things Santa. Get drawn into DC Comics' American
    Splendor. Got punk'd. It's been quite a 2006, lets hope 2007 is even
    better. Tags: Vinnie Costa, TVI, ...

    Cum Sluts
    Paparazzi Shoots
    You need to check out the quality feasting on housewives - see the
    videos at Blowjob Gals! Your precious and very smoking doll. As if
    thats not enough, we made the. She spreadswide and flashes you her
    kitty and the jizz that is leaking ...

    A Trapped Cat, a Fleeing Bull and a Few Human Tragedies, Too
    Gossip Scoop
    New York Times - A Gossip, More Idle A much more common ailment —
    avarice — was in the news in April when federal authorities announced
    they were investigating Jared Paul Stern, a gossip broker and longtime
    contributor to the Page Six scandal section of The New ...

    ! Weird movie Deuce Bigalow in" Europe" :-)))
    Gossip News
    Imhotep, Somehow or another as I was flipping through the channels, I
    ended up looking at this movie called "Deuce Bigalow in Europe" on
    Starz. I remember years ago when the first one came out, I ignored it
    because I wasn't interested in a movie about gigalows This time this
    wacky Gene Wilder looking guy was running a thing on

    Miss Chi Chi's Best TV Shows 2006
    Paparazzi Shoots
    Tyra invited Nicole Richie to do an investigation on how she handles
    the paparazzi. When Janet came on the show she really reveal why "Miss
    Jackson if you're nasty." Tyra even stripped on air to her undies.
    Nicole Richie and Tyra banks ...

    Re: El Fan Club y Paparazzi de Little Angel
    Paparazzi Shoots
    jajajaj ya teno prometida como 3 reuniones ... y para mi fanaticada
    muy pronoto si dios quiere les tengo una sorpresa...

    paparazzi_colin @ 2006-12-31T15:34:00
    Paparazzi Shoots
    Look seriously it's been seven days now, is somebody going to let me
    out of here?

    Cyber Wrestling Guys PIC of Day: Hot Muscled - Aquatic Head Scissor
    Gossip News
    Cyber Wrestling Guys PIC of Day: Hot Muscled - Aquatic Head Scissor
    EXCLUSIVE NEW PHOTO! 1 Hot & Wet PIC, Dec. 31, 2006 ...Safe pic for
    all ages, as always! To view PIC go to following link (Copy/paste link
    into browser): [link]

    Saddam Execution leaked from cellphone
    Gossip News

    Saturday, December 30, 2006

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    Life is getting much better after everythings has change.. i got a 49/ 50 for my law test !! and 8/10 for my law quiz today.. wahahhaha i won everybody for my law test my lost to alex for my law quiz.. juz by one mark haha
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    Well in this review I get to welcome back an old friend in the biz and that's Bryan Xin. He's been out of action for almost a year now but he's back with this line as well as another line for this company. Now this one deals with girls who just so happen to be well endowed in the chest dept. You have some of porns biggest stars in this featuring Brandy Talore, Gianna, Bailey, Aspen Stevens, Mia Bangg, and on the bonus disc a trio of girls who put on one hell of a boob sucking show and those ladies are Sammie Rhodes, Haley Paige, and Lain Oi. This is an interesting package in that when you open it up right there on the cover inside you get the girls listed in the order they appear along with the male or in one scene there are two male costars so everyone is ID'd which is helpful. You have a few options to watch this movie. There is the play movie which will take you right to scene one and play on through. You have select a scene and that lists the girls who we can see on disc one in the order they appear. You also have what is called select a stack which gives you a picture lineup of each girl with their name listed right at boob level so take your pick!! If you do the select a stack option you then get another menu listing the various areas in the scene you might want to jump to such as the intro/ tease segment, maybe you want to see them suck cock, then you usually have 3 sexual positions and the final option is to go right to the popshot. So let me hit a couple scenes to give you a hint on this one before we head over to disc two and the awesome g/g/g scene on it.
    Brandy Talore:

    Our first girl up and we get a lengthy tease segment and I mean this one lasts awhile, it takes a good 3 minutes I think of her just caressing, squeezing, and lifting those tits up into the camera before we actually see them so pace yourselves guys! Brandy then gets to take on James's cock and a nice closeup blowjob is filmed. Sexwise you see reverse cowgirl and Bryan takes us floor level to really show off those tits flopping about. You also get another boob friendly position in spoon and finally they run through doggie leading up to James poppin on those massive tits and some reaches up to her face. Brandy does good rubbing the jizz in and licking her fingers clean. A good starting point for sure for all boob lovers.


    Ok up next is another big breasted babe who has come on the scene this year. Nice floor shot to open up the tease showing those tits wanting to poke out from the skimpy top she's wearing. Gianna then pulls those tits out and nicely licks her nipples several times. Bryan does it right giving us plenty of closeups of her playing with those gorgeous tits. Gianna is then joined by Christian and Joel and with boobs prominently on display she sets about pleasuring both dicks. As for the sex you see Gianna done in doggie, an awesome reverse cowgirl, mish then follows and we next see Gianna turn around to take a ride in cowgirl showing off her ample bottom. You do get some titty fucking and the guys end the scene coating those massive tits with their cum and she rubs it in and gives us one more shake of those boobs.


    In this next scene we have another big breasted newbie who's come on the scene just this past year and along with her breasts which are very impressive I think Bailey's also got one fine ass-- the meat is in all the right places on this girl fans. She gives us a nice tour of this body along with Bryan behind the camera. Like Brandy in scene one Bailey makes us wait a minute or two before she pulls her tits out and when she does you see just how gorgeous they are, just the perfect size and Bailey has fun doing the usual-- shaking and caressing them. Our young lady then utilized a glass toy to prepare her holes for action and she's kind enough to lick any juices off this toy before the cock is introduced. The pirateman himself Brian Surewood gets the honor here of playing with Bailey. He diddles her pussy some before he offers up his cock which she gladly accepts into her mouth. Nice side view for the dick sucking and she does some good no hands sucking too. Sexwise you see Bailey done in cowgirl so that phat ass is shown off right away. Then it's on to mish and wow do those tits shake a lot here, moving on then to reverse cowgirl anal and the floor shot here offered up a superb shot of those tits doing their thing. You get more anal highlights in doggie and look at the perfect undulation of those boobs and we close with Brian cranking a good load out into her mouth and on her face. There is some cleanup too from Bailey and this might have been the best scene so far but Gianna's right up there.

    Aspen Stevens:

    Our next lady is one who's been a subject of some interesting debate on ADT and I'll leave it at that because well those who know what I speak of know Aspen can't do anything about that. She starts out here wearing a cute business suit and the tits come out early and she is kind enough to lick a nipple a few times and again Bryan uses the floor shots wisely here giving great focus to those boobies. Like the other girls before she uses a glass toy to ready her pussy for action and soon Barret joins in with Aspen wasting little time enveloping his cock. Very good closeups here given by Bryan and Aspen uses a nice slow sucking technique which I just love seeing. Now for the sex you see her done in mish, doggie, reverse cowgirl and we end with Barret jerking his load out to her tits mostly.

    Mia Bangg:

    Our last scene starts a blond girl that I've really enjoyed a lot lately. She is already caressing those massive tits when the scene opens. Mia also have a very good looking ass which Bryan is sure to show off and I already saw this but Mia does a great job shaking that tush!! Our sexy young girl then gets a bowl of ice cream and does some very sexy things with it placing some all over her tits and like a good girl she licks the cream up making my day and I'm sure a lot of yours as well. This was easily the best self nipple lickin we got on this entire dvd so thanks Mia!! The scene then changes and the ice cream is gone and Mia is shown playing with her tits again but clothed and you see over her shoulder Christian is staring down but he's quick to come join this busty beauty. There is some good boob sucking done by this lucky guy and then we have Mia dropping down to take on his cock, again great side view for the blowjob. As for the sex you see Miss Bangg done in mish, doggie anal and then the big one reverse cowgirl anal!! This was just beautiful to watch with those tits flopping and her legs spread open just right giving us the perfect view. You end with some spoon anal and Christian then works a good load out right onto her tongue and Mia is all smiles as she gives his cock some cleanup.

    Extras & Final Thoughts:

    Well for his first big boob dvd for his new company I'd say Bryan has done good giving us many of the things we enjoyed from his other big tit series over at DVSX. The girls all had spectacular racks led by Gianna, Bailey, and Mia. Now on to disc 2 where the big highlight is the spectacular 3 girl lesbian scene featuring Lain Oi, Sammie Rhodes, and Haley Paige. I can't say enough how good this scene was. The amount of breast play and sucking these girls did was just staggering and kept my hard on raging the entire time it was so fucking good. No shared nipple licking which would have given me a coronary I think but the girls did just a fabulous job working over each others tits sucking them all scene long. You did have some oral mixed in, some kissing and some brief toy usage but this scene is noteworthy for the awesome boob play, no other way to describe it but that it was fucking awesome!! You also have some behind the scenes to check out that is if you aren't to drained after watching that g/g/g scene!! I give this one a strong recommendation for all breast lovers out there and the only thing I'd want more of in future volumes is the self nipple licking during the tease and also during the sex. It's such a sensual act done by the woman and I just don't see it shot enough or for long enough in scenes. Still this was a very nice effort and well worth picking up.
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    Lethal Hardcore
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